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The Project Office

The project office is an arm of the Diocese of Arua with a mandate to run projects that are under the Diocese. It is led by the project committee that was created by the finance commission of the Diocese.
In 2017, the project office was revived and Mr. Hannes Urban was appointed by the Bishop as the Project Officer to come in and re-organise the way the projects were being run . The diocese was losing donors due to poor accountability and lack of an organised system that was used to access and liaise with the donors.
The mandate of the project office therefore is to make proposals, receive the support, implement the projects and make the accountability for it. It is also the liaison point for all the diocese projects with the donors, to access and forward projects to donors and also look for new donors for projects that are proposed by parishes and institutions under the diocese.

News*** Bishop Sabino Celebrated his 15th Episcopal Anniversary 2022 ***NEWS

This celebration with the faithful was scheduled for 21st October 2021 but due to the pandemic it was postponed to the 5th January 2022.

Project Priorities For 2022 -2023

1.  Health Sector-Three Ambulances for Health Center 3’s and Infrastructures  like Renovation of Sewage System

2.  Ongoing Formation of the Priests and Catechists.

3.  Automobiles for Departments, Parishes and Institutions.

Our Recent Projects