Guardian Angel Parish, AJIA

Ajia Parish was erected in 2004 and curved out of Arivu Parish. The parish is located 25 km south of Arua and the catchment area is about 300 km2 with a population of about 19.000 (nineteen thousand) people, out of them are 10456 Catholics. 29 catechist are serving in 19 Mission stations and for 165 basic Christian communities. Ajia has a typically rural setting and the people practice subsistence farming; it’s a mission area, widely scattered and not rooted in self-reliance, people are very poor and less educated.

A census in the parish was done from March to May 2016 and the following figures are collected from chapels under the parish.

Number of Chapels 18
Matrimony: one wife 372
Polygamists 163
Without matrimony one wife 878
 Polygamists 568
Widows 236
Widower 86
Separated men 146
Separated woman 436
Never married 386
Number of families 1837
Number of persons 10456
Receiving communion 2353
Never started communion 2412
First communion 7-10 years 1773
First communion 11-15 years 620
Confirmations 15-20 years 878
Confirmations over 20 years 446
Adults for baptism 431
Adult for confirmation 956