Immaculate Heart of Mary nursery and primary school is situated within the parish premises and it is a young school which was started on the 18th February 2013 by Fr. Richard Buni and reaches out to the most vulnerable children. The school provides children basic education, fostering their social integration into the Ugandan society and enabling their parents to focus on income generation. As of today, Immaculate Heart of Mary School welcomes children from the age of three (Nursery level) up to nine-ten years (Primary 7 level).

However, in order to ensure the continuity of education at least until the children finish primary school (i.e. reach Primary7) as well as guarantee the quality of education and a safe place to play, wishes to further develop the school this area is one of Uganda’s poorest regions with many vulnerable families. Fr. Richard Buni is the parish priest and also the director of the school. In 2020 there were 297 pupils, 16 teachers, 6 support staffs, 9 school management committee members and 5 P.T.A executives.

The motto of the school is “Knowledge is Power” and the mission of the school is “To Know and Test Parents’ Love for their Children”
Immaculate Heart of Mary nursery and primary school, started as a nursery school but we saw it necessary to have a primary section, and this gave indicators relating to all aspects of child care from the child’s physical and emotional well-being to staff and organisational procedures.

This includes the child’s diet, access to health and education, and play and recreational facilities. The methods of care and control, and ensure that services are accessible and promote the child’s health. This centre (project) aims at looking after Vulnerable Children and this has also created employment opportunities.

The nursery and primary school care services are particularly important for caretakers who are overwhelmed as a result of ill health, cannot provide adequate care because they need to work, or who are isolated within the community. It provides an excellent opportunity for children to socialize with others, and can offer additional protection and education.

Since we introduced the primary section, we have faced various challenges like:
Safe water for the children
Playing materials for the children
Fencing the school for their protection
Meagre support from their parents

These challenges accrue because the parents also depend on the meagre incomes. They earn their income from selling the yields they grow on small scale which is basically meant for food and other basic needs. Poor meals taken once a day, no proper medical care and high level of unemployment is the reason that many children are not go to school.

Some children are not going to school because of long distances, in need the establishment of the school has been a blessing in disguise.
It is for this reason that we are putting this project proposal to the attention for assistance so that we can establish a conducive environment and strive to achieve our goals and objectives.