Background of Lodonga SPACE

Lodonga SPACE stands for Lodonga Spiritual Pastoral Centre. It is an institution of the diocese of Arua that was established by the COMBONI missionaries in 1992. It is situated in the rural, highly Muslim populated area of Yumbe district approximately 80 km northwards from Arua district.
Lodonga SPACE was instituted to do Training of Catechists for the Diocese of Arua and Neighbouring Dioceses like Nebbi, Lira, Hoima, and Juba in South Sudan. Refugees within the Diocese of Arua also train their catechists in Lodonga. The training takes a period of two years.
Lodonga SPACE has three (3) components;
Lodonga Cenacle which is a fifty-bed retreat and renewal facility (centre) with an assembly hall, dining hall, chapel, kitchen, stores and offices.

Lodonga Catechist Training Centre (CTC) where two-year residential training for catechists for the dioceses of Arua, Nebbi, Lira, Hoima, South Sudan and refugees within Arua Diocese takes place. The subjects taught are bible doctrine, pastoral theology, church history, homiletics, catechesis, liturgy, sacraments, English, social justice, methodology and spirituality. The year is divided into three terms, the First term runs for 10 weeks, Second term for 12 weeks and Third term for 11 weeks. The few weeks in between the terms (holidays) are meant for pastoral experience in their respective Christian communities. The centre has the capacity to accommodate sixty-three (63) students, with a new dormitory for ladies.

Staff Quarters. There are two staff quarters, one for priests, and the other for the full-time tutors and the manager.
Lodonga SPACE currently has nineteen (19) staff, five (5) are full-time tutors, two (2) are part-time tutors and twelve (12) support staff.