Lugbari Parish

Lugbari Sub-Parish is situated in Arua district bordering Yumbe District. It is about 71 km North of Arua District along Arua-Yumbe road. Lugbari Sub-Parish was erected to the Sub-Parish status on 20th April 2008. The Parish has 22 outstations (Chapels), 13 Schools and 8 other Chapels at Emvepi refugee settlement camps that host 150,000 refugees from South Sudan. The pastoral work in this Parish is heavy because of many outstations and schools.

Lugbari Sub- Parish has a population of about 31250 of whom about 80% of the people are Catholics which is about 25,000 according to the data collected in 2011.

Lugbari Sub-Parish has typically a rural setting and people mostly practice subsistence farming in order to earn their livelihood. Occasionally, some few people grow crops like cotton on small scale as cash crop.

Majority of the population is illiterate thus contributing to low income base of the people in the Sub-Parish. Self-reliance is still at its initial stage thus majority of the parishioners are poor and they cannot provide adequately for the needs of the Sub-Parish.


Lugbari sub parish has started to get the Free Hold Land title!!! Copy of the Free Hold Land title is in the attachment.


Lugbari sub parish has a chapel that is collapsing. It was contracted in 1962 by the local Christians. It had poor foundation which has made it to develop many cracks on the wall and the floor. This has made it difficult for renovation and we came up with a decision to construct a new Church building.  In the 5-year development plan of the Diocese, Lugbari Sub-Parish is set to attain a full Parish status in order to serve the People of God better. The Diocese is therefore planning to construct a new Parish Church, a Community Hall, Water and Power Supplies. (Priest House is already build and opened on 30th of January 2018.