St. Dominic Catholic Sub-Parish Palorinya was created on 23rd of March 2016 in Moyo Vicariate, Arua Diocese by the Ordinary Rev. Sabino Odoki Ocan to provide pastoral and spiritual services to both the local communities (host communities) and the refugees’ communities in Palorinya.

It is situated about 168 kilometers East of Arua town and 30kilometers North West of Moyo town. It has a general population of 13.500 people out of which 70% are Catholics, 20% Muslims 7% protestants and 3% others and 119.333 population of refugees.

With the general remoteness of the area, marked with inadequate spiritual, social and economic services, the people generally have remained poor and vulnerable. They depend mostly on small scale fishing and subsistence farming.

Among other areas of development, the spiritual life of most of the people is not much developed hence the creation of the Sub-Parish, to take Church services closer to the people. With this background, the ordinary people do not have the capacity to provide the temporal needs of the Church as needed.

Therefore, may you support our appeal to face lift the spiritual, social and general empowerment of the people of God in this area through infrastructural development, furniture and provision of better means of transport for better coordination and development of the people of God.